What is Sundermead?

Sundermead is an open-world, casual RPG where you can build a farm to live peacefully out in the wilderness with your friends. Beware though, there is more to this land than first meets the eye!

It is an on-going project and is constantly receiving updates, fixes and new content!

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Procedurally Generated:

Sundermead takes place on a procedurally generated island, allowing for a high level of replayability.

Landscape terrain:

Use your trusty tools to create the perfect landscape for your farm, although this can come at a cost.

Build a homestead for you and your friends:

Use a near limitless combination of Sundermeads construction objects to build a home.


Use Sundermead's fertile soil to plant seasonal crops and tame animals to keep at your farm.

Share your peaceful life with your friends:

Sundermead can be played alone or with friends!

Settle down and build a community:

Call villagers to trade with and live in Sundermead alongside you.

Sundermead is a corruption of the Old English "Sundermæd" which is one of countless translations for "Meadow". I chose Old English for the project's name because I am deeply invested in a love for my history and culture and wish to carry it on and teach others of its wonders, hence the heavy use of Germanic, specifically, Anglo-Saxon, mythology throughout this game.