Adding My Girlfriend's Cat to My Indie Game

Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Adding New Pets: Dogs and Cats:

In one of my recent development logs, I introduced a new pet system to Sundermead. Initially, I had implemented dogs as pets when players reached level 3 in their relationship with the trader. However, I wanted to expand the variety of pets available. After considering different options, I decided to introduce cats as well.

Sometimes, I draw inspiration from other games, and Minecraft mods have been a great source of ideas. While watching videos on Minecraft mods, I came across a video that updated the cat models, making them look more detailed and appealing. This inspired me to search for a similar resource for Sundermead.

After some searching, I found a cat model called "Better Cats" that suited my requirements. I decided to incorporate the ginger cat design into Sundermead. I created three different versions of the cat: a tabby cat, based on my girlfriend's cat, a ginger cat, and a black cat. Each version adds more variety to the game and offers players different pet options to choose from.

To bring the cats to life, I also acquired animations for them from the asset store. These animations were a great addition to enhance the realism of the cats' movements. By rigging the pre-made cat model with these animations, I was able to make the cats perform various actions and behaviours.

Similar to the dogs in the game, the cats in Sundermead respond to commands. There are three primary commands players can give to their cats:

Stay at Home: The cat will wander around a small area near the player's bed and relax.

Follow Me: The cat will follow the player around as they explore the world.

Forage: The cat will roam in a larger area, searching for fruits to bring back home.

Boss Fights and Anglo-Saxon Mythology:

Adding more excitement to Sundermead, I've been working on introducing new boss fights. Currently, the game features a corrupted dwarf and a troll as bosses. However, I believe two bosses are not enough to provide a challenging experience. Drawing inspiration from Anglo-Saxon mythology, I decided to include a boss based on the tales of a large black dog or wolf that roams the countryside.

In English folklore, different regions have their own variations of this myth, such as Old Shuck in the North and Buggus in East Anglia. I found it fitting to introduce this formidable enemy in the final level of the mine (level 40) in Sundermead. The wolf model was modified from the existing dog model, giving it a more wolf-like appearance with sharp teeth and an angry expression.

I shared some gameplay footage of the cats and the black wolf in action. The movements and behaviours of the cats are distinct from those of the dogs, reflecting their natural characteristics. For example, when the cat finds something while foraging, it pounces on it, whereas the dog digs.

Quality of Life Enhancements:

Besides the exciting additions, I focused on improving the overall gaming experience. I introduced an FPS cap option in the video settings to allow players to adjust the frame rate according to their preferences. Additionally, I worked on implementing an in-game patch notes panel, which displays the latest changes and updates to the game. This panel retrieves data from Steam's API and presents it in a readable format within the game.


Thank you for joining me on this journey through the recent developments in Sundermead. The addition of cats as pets, the introduction of a roaming black wolf boss, and the various improvements demonstrate my commitment to creating an engaging and immersive gaming experience. If you're interested in Sundermead, I encourage you to wishlist the game on Steam and join our Discord server and Twitter community for more updates. Stay tuned for the next exciting instalment in the Sundermead development journey!

I will also be releasing a short video on this version of Sundermead; It will be available on Saturday the 17th of June.